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eHealth 360° Summit 2016 is a unique event bringing a 360 degree perspective on mobile and electronic health.

The Summit will gather experiences and innovative ideas from related projects and activities in this topic with the aim to coach involved people on the whole path between research to innovation and all the way through to commercialisation of ideas, projects and technologies.

The Summit is a powerful and inspirational event that brings together industry representatives, researchers, vendors, mHealth and eHealth domain experts, clinicians, developers and others to plan, learn, network, collaborate, strategize and more effectively tap into the immense potential of the eHealth and mHealth domains.

eHealth 360° Conference 2016

go well
Track on Games for Well-being
120Track on Wearables in Healthcare
pervasiveTrack on Personal, Pervasive and mobile Health
ambient assisted
Track on Ambient Assisted Living Technologies based on Internet of Things
120Track on IoT and Big Data Technologies for HealthCare
Track on Mobile Medical Multimedia Technologies, Applications and Services

Location - Budapest

Venue – Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel


Kecskemeti utca 14


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About Pharma Marketing Network
Pharma Marketing Network® is owned and operated by VirSci Corporation, a pharmaceutical publishing company, which was established in 1995 by John Mack (aka Pharmaguy).

VirSci has long been a pioneer in developing and managing pharmaceutical marketing Web sites and email-based discussion groups. In 1995, for example, VirSci launched PharmInfoNet, a “Top 20 Health Site” focused on drug information content and databases for physicians and pharmacists. PharmInfoNet pioneered many innovative, Internet-based communication programs including the Electronic Highlights Bulletin for the delivery of medical conference highlights to physicians via email and the Web (for more on the history of the Electronic Highlights Bulletin, read “The Emerging Virtual Medical Conference“).

In 1998, VirSci established the PHARMA-MKTING listserv in order to establish a loosely-knit group of pharmaceutical marketing experts. As more and more subscribers joined the listserv, a Web site was added to support the group by providing instructions for using the listserv, to recruit new members, and to link to archived discussion threads.

In 2002, a newsletter (Pharma Marketing News) was added to encourage discussion and the promote products and services of PHARMA-MKTING subscribers and other advertisers. The newsletter quickly found its niche by providing timely highlights of pharmaceutical marketing conferences and information about innovative marketing products and services.

Eventually, more and more services were added and the synergy between the Web site content and the interactive email discussion group was increased greatly. In January, 2003, the assets of the email discussion group, newsletter, and Web site were integrated under the Pharma Marketing Network brand.


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In the summer of 2012 SIRE Life Sciences® started in a small office in the centre of Amsterdam; Jan-Willem Broekhoven & Jordy Stravers wanted to approach and serve the recruitment industry from a different perspective. From their modest office on the Keizersgracht they worked day and night to map the market and the key players within the European Life Science industry. The name of the company, which is inspired on the values that SIRE Life Sciences® strives for and lives by, also means Sir, King and senior. This depicts the way we treat and serve our valued customers.

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aboutus jordystravers janwillembroekhoven sirelifesciencesSIRE Life Sciences® believes in sincerity, our work is carried out in a responsible, honest and transparent way, both externally and internally.

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Czech national Forum for eHealth, civic association, is a non-governmental non-profit organization established to support the development of eHealth. Goal of this forum is to focuse especially on expanding and raising of awareness of eHealth, support of development of eHealth and support of communication in the field of eHealth.
Within its activity the Forum focuses on mutual cooperation of its members with citizens, health institutions, health insurances, authorities of public administration on the local, regional and national level and institutions on the European level, companies, corporations and non-governmental organizations in the field of eHealth, support of its publication activities in the scope of eHealth, support of development of mutual communication in the field of eHealth, cooperation of its members with Government and Parliament of the Czech Republic while creating the legislation in the area of eHealth, creation, actualization, producing and distribution of national (Czech) standards and methods in the area of eHealth that have a recommending character, coordination of exchange of information and data in the field of health care, coordination of research and development in the scope of eHealth, methodical cooperation with institutions of the European union, especially fulfilling of criteria of Action plan on eHealth, cooperation with European organizations that are active in the area of eHealth, other foreign institutions and people in the area concerning national programs and eHealth standards, promotion of its activities, organizing of educational events, conferences, lectures and seminars in the field of eHealth, guidance and consultancy in the field of eHealth, promotional activities in the field of eHealth and publication activity in the field of eHealth.
Czech national Forum for eHealth is an open and independent platform. Every individual or a corporation that is interested in an active mutual cooperation in the development of electronic health care in the Czech Republic and the European Union can become a member of this Forum.
First movement of the Czech national Forum was the publication of its booklet „Thesis of development of eHealth in the Czech republic“. This booklet originated from cooperation of a wide range of experts and follows all areas of eHealth. The goal of Thesis is to build a politically acceptable basis for formation of a comprehensive national conception of development of eHealth in the Czech Republic. Eventually the Thesis was without any changes accepted by the Ministry of health.
On the 29th of October 2007 ČNFeH initiated a tour of seminars called „Thesis of development of eHealth. “. All seminars are held under the patronage of the minister of health MUDr. Tomáš Julíjek. Besides the opening seminar in 2007 there was another seminar held on the 3rd of December 2007 that was addressed to the electronic prescription. All seminars enjoy a big success at the expert level and their attendance growths steadily.

Within the year 2007 the ČNFeH has presented itself on many expert conferences (3d of October 2007 Tools and Services of e-Health, 26th of October 2007 INVEX, 29th of November 2007 INSIDE, 6th of December 2007 Medtel 2007). Representatives of Forum, especially from the scope of managing boards, presented not just the civil association, but especially its conceptional matter “Thesis of development of eHealth“.

Members of ČNFeH and other experts nominated by the Forum participates on activities of working groups of the Joint coordination committee on eHealth and help to build a conception of development of eHealth in the Czech Republic.


 At a time where new media and technologies are embedded everywhere, raising the marketing budgets and the risks of failure, it is now more than ever time to switch to a new paradigm. One that embed emotional value in everything we do, as we believe this is the true and only way to create unforgettable experiences.

At Kainjoo, our heart is Japanese and we come from a strong continuous improvement culture, called Kaizen in Japan. Combined with a Swiss brain of running our activities and a French creative soul, we craft brands with quality, passion and performance.

This is why we are Kainjoo, a global marketing and new technologies consulting firm, specialized in complexes industries. 


eZDRAV.cz je první český portál specializovaný na problematiku elektronizace zdravotnictví. Nabízí aktuální informace o vývoji v oblasti elektronizace, výsledky průzkumů, analýzy a rozhovory. Na eZDRAVu najdete také pravidelně aktualizované informace z trhu zdravotnické informatiky včetně hodnocení související legislativy a nedílnou součástí jsou také zprávy z odborných veletrhů a konferencí




thedignifiedself.com Mindfulness in the technology age


International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, which convenes over 135 member from 95 countries, is responsible for equally and internationally supporting the inventors all around the world.

Since the inception of its activities, IFIA has struggled to disseminate the culture of invention and innovation, and to make the public aware of the importance of inventors for the welfare of society without them it is impossible to keep up with the fast-evolving and modern technologies. The other objective for which IFIA has not ceased striving is the protection of the inventors’ rights.

IFIA organizes international invention exhibitions, scientific seminars, workshops with the cooperation of other international organizations to provide an opportunity for its members to showcase their innovations and benefit from its wealth of knowledge. Besides, IFIA holds International Congress and Conference where all of the members can freely engage in dialogue and exchange their views in respect to further promoting the inventive and entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, Social networking at IFIA events allows organizations to expand their contacts and knowledge base to explore possible commercialization with various stakeholders.

The federation’s resources are derived from donations and legacies, sponsorship, public subsidies, membership fees or any other resources authorized by the law. The funds shall be used in accordance with the Association’s social aims after gaining the approval of Executive Committee.