The use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in Healthcare Services is the main mechanism to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This year’s e-Health360 summit will gather experiences and innovative ideas from related projects and activities in this topic with the aim to coach and involve people on the whole path between research to innovation and all the way through to commercialisation of ideas, projects and technologies. The Summit is a powerful and inspirational event that brings together industry representatives, researchers, vendors, mHealth and eHealth domain experts, clinicians, developers and others to plan, learn, network, collaborate, strategize and more effectively tap into the immense potential of the e-Health and m-Health domains.

Always with an impressive roster of keynote presenters, panellists and vendors, e-Health360 has always delivered great education and networking opportunities. 2017 will be no different, engaging with current and future leaders, you can look forward to maximizing your networking opportunities during the trade show and social events.


  • Projects managers focusing on eHealth and mHealth development
  • Leading companies and start-ups
  • Investors, business angels and venture capitalists
  • Policy leaders from the EU area
  • Exhibitors and keynotes from eHealth and mHealth companies
  • Technology experts attending co-located scientific conferences spanning ‘ehealth and mhealth’ application domains 
  • International organizations focussing on solution development 
  • Patients associations aiming at increasing literacy on electronic health
  • Domain experts in healthcare and ICT applications


  • Hear from others about Success Stories and Real-world examples
  • Network and learn from the world’s most innovative examples of mHealth and eHealth development
  • eHealth360°connecting three different perspectives, three different ‘worlds’ – industrial, academic and institutional
  • Discuss pressing issues and hot topics such as privacy and ethics, mHealth and big data, and standardisation
  • Thinking about creating a start up? eHealth360° will provide you with leads on what to do and what to avoid