András Alföldy-Boruss

founder of Next Generation Stress Management (NGStress)

András Alföldy-Boruss

founder of Next Generation Stress Management (NGStress)


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András Alföldy Boruss is the founder of NGStress. He graduated as a HR manager in 2013, there he met his lecturer phd. László Pitlik (co-founder), and they started to work in NGStress project.  Now he works for Magyar Telekom as a senior reporting analyst.

As an analyst with HR manager graduate his personal goal is to research and solve how to prevent people from work related stress. He has 10 years of experience in working and leading habits in multinational companies and he researched alternative solution to prevent from distress (main problem is to recognise the stressed-states at the time). He found a correlation between device using habits and stress. He is responsible for analysing any of data what have collected from any human-controlled electronic (e.g. smart devices, vehicle, computer), and for to build the basics for a situation based, stress prevention algorithm.


NGstress is a real-time stress measuring system to prevent from negative stress. It works continually in the background, and gives alerts (cf. EWS = early warning system), when the user(s or team-members) is getting to stressful. When the stress level getting higher, the leaders in the company receive an alert, and they can see which organization unit is more stressed at the time or where can be expected, that the stress approximates a critical level shortly. The users can also see their (own) stress level, and the system gives feedback and suggests, customized solutions to reduce stress level.

We have two main projects:

  • Project STRESSAP: Employee stress measuring in huge companies with everyday used keyboard and mouse using habits (if customer/user wants, without any content). The software can analyze real time, and can catch the stressors at the time, so it can give alerts and advice. We are proud of this solution, because the users don’t need to administrate and they don’t have to buy any special devices.
  • Project ISMON: Intelligent stress monitoring systems for public transport sector. The goal is to analyze the driver, the vehicle and the road-causing stress levels. With this solution, public transport providers can decrease amortization, risk of accidents, fuel consumption and can analyze which lines causes more stress for the driver, vehicle and the passengers too.

Special know-hows:  Similarity analysis, stress data collection software, stress management workflow and feedback system, hermeneutics, robotized expert systems global stress map.

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