Haider Alleg

Managing Director, Kainjoo®

Haider Alleg

Managing Director, Kainjoo®


A passionate trail-blazer and team leader in global multi-channels activities, business strategies and sales force effectiveness. In 2015, he founded Kainjoo®, a strategic consulting firm crafting brands through innovation and drive the group since then. Haider is also a known as an international conference speaker and a serial entrepreneur, with the recent launch of the subscription services www.lesroisdupq.ch.

Prior to Kainjoo, as the Global Multichannel Marketing & Emerging Technologies lead for Gedeon Richter, he was in charge of the global multichannel strategy and supports the deployment of innovative marketing and commercial programs in Western Europe, North and Latin America.

Holding a French Web Engineering degree and a Master in Marketing Strategy, Haider has developed a natural curiosity for new ways to reach customers and change their behavior, while changing the way corporate organizations mute embedding innovation as a DNA.

With his first code line at 12 and its first venture started at 16 years old, Haider grew up with the web, mastering both the marketing and technological aspects. A field he never quit since then, becoming a gateway between down-to-earth business realities and a new world of emerging technologies, channels & media.

Several years of experience within 2 global agencies have exposed him to the global marketing challenges of Fortune 100 companies such as Nestlé, Novartis and Medtronic. His leadership made possible the roll-out of M+ digital programs size, animated 50+ team members, in more than 47 markets.

Feel free to follow him on his Twitter account (@Haider_Alleg) or his blog treatmybrand.com.

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